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Kereru Portrait.

Native NZ bird pic: Portrait photo of the native NZ Pigeon Kereru. Sometimes called Woodpigeon these beautiful endemic birds are one of the most beautiful in NZ.

NZ native bird photo taken on Tiritiri Matangi Island. New Zealand.
Birding section : Birds of New Zealand pictures.
NZ Birds Gallery.

NZ Birds Picture Gallery - A bird picture in my picture galleries.
Part of : List of NZ Birds. Containing Information about NZ birds, bird facts, bird photography, NZ bird identification, names of wild birds, NZ bird names in Maori, scientific birds names, bird & birding sites, info and bird pics to help you work out what bird you have seen.

My NZ bird guide. Useful guide for bird watching, birdwatchers and general birdwatching. All about NZ birds, bird & bird pictures. For anyone with an interest in NZ natural history, wildlife, animals and mostly birds. NZ bird facts.
Birds pictures : NZ audubon pictures or pictures of NZ birds; bird watch in New Zealand. Find out what bird you or birds are around. Garden birds, sea birds, ducks, owls, parrot birds, birds of prey, finches, NZ penguins, pigeons, shags, endangered bird species, song birds, forest birds, alpine birds, shorebirds & more. Also endangered, rare, and flightless birds pictures. See my common birds photos & rare birds pictures. Endemic bird pics, native birds photos and introduced bird images from NZ.

My goal is to include all birds in New Zealand (& some from elsewhere) over time. Lots of beautiful bird photos. All about New Zealand birds. Wild bird photo, images, pictures & photographs. A bird picture website thats for the birds. :-)

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Kereru Portrait Photo.

Kereru Image info

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Credit: Glen Webber


  • Kereru Portrait.
  • Kereru In Kowhai.
  • Wood Pigeon.
  • Native Kereru Bird.
  • Native Wood Pigeon.

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