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Bird pictures, images & photography from New Zealand. Native and introduced wild bird pictures & photos from NZ.

All about birds in New Zealand. NZ birds picture, info & more.
New Zealand is often considered as being the land of birds. They play such an important part in NZ ecology; its impossible to photograph NZ natural history and not image birds.

New Zealand has some 364 different "listed" species of bird.

101 species of bird are endemic; meaning they are only found here in NZ.

83 bird species are native; found in NZ naturally and also other countries.

43 bird species are introduced; not found in NZ naturally.

There are also 137 species of bird that are migrants, stragglers and vagrants. For simplicity sake, these can also be considered native.

This area is organised by general bird category. Individual bird species are located inside each category. The number of bird species photographed and total photos is displayed under each bird category photo, picture /name.

The very best in bird & natural history pictures from New Zealand and around the world!

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This is my collection of New Zealand Birding images. My NZ birds gallery. It is really my personal NZ birds list.
Here you can find info, photos, images, pictures

about NZ birds

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common NZ birds pictures


native NZ birds pictures

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, and generally

NZ birds photos

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